Refillable bottles for climate protection

Everybody knows that reusable bottles minimize the amount of waste. But is there a connection between refillable bottles and climate protection?

The answer is simple. For example: in Germany, water in refillable glass-bottles produce only half the amount of climate killing carbon dioxide (CO2) than water in disposable packaging. The reusable bottles will be refilled 50 times and more, and are only transported over short distances (50 km on average). In contrast, one-way packaging, increasingly sold in standardised discount-assortments, is transported over decidedly longer distances (250 km on average).

The comparison of refillable bottles to the one-way system is not only about the packaging itself, but also about the whole system: Reusable bottles are the livelihood for small, regional and medium sized businesses like breweries, juice and mineral water producers. These companies form the core of the unique diversity of the German drinks market.

Furthermore: Regional economic cycles reduce transportation distances and secure jobs in the area.

The Germand NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH) and the German Associations of Beverage Wholesalers, of Middle-sized Breweries and of Beverage Retailers together with the Foundation for Reusable Packaging and the Association Pro Refilling Systems have therefore started of the campaign "Refillable bottles for climate protection".

This campaign aims to inform consumers about the impacts of their choice of beverage packaging.

To support everybody who wants to take part in this campaign we provide several versions of the corresponding flyer. The customizable version allows you to add your own logo.

Please let us know if you will use this flyer in your country.

If you have problems with downloading the files or if you have any other comments, please do not hestitate to contact us at or via this form. 

Customizable flyer to add your logo

refillable bottles for climate protection custom highres 02.pdf

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Customizable Flyer in high resolution

refillable bottles for climate protection custom prepress 02.pdf

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Customizable Flyer in high resolution with cutting marks

refillable bottles for climate protection custom lowres 02.pdf

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Customizable Flyer in low resolution

refillable bottles for climate protection custom WORD 02.doc

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Customizable Flyer to use in WORD


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