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The conference organizers awarded one best practice example living reuse in its corporate philosophy with the European Refillable Award. The award winner of this year's ReUse-Conference is the LOGIPACK Pool GmbH.

LOGIPACK is a German pool operator providing non-branded neutral carriers for multipack-crates and -trays. In the beverage industry LOGIPACK offers an efficient packaging service including the sorting of reusable bottles. The LOGIPACK Pool GmbH was founded in 2006 and nowadays employs 40 people by generating an annual turnover of 70 Mio. EUR.

Award for the unique LOGIPACK-system aiming at the optimization of the logistics behind the reusable bottles process

The LOGIPACK Pool GmbH is awarded for their intelligent concept of multifunctional and neutrally designed carriers which facilitate the logistics for reusable bottles in the so called “LOGIPACK-Cycles”. The use of neutral carriers allows an uncomplicated and highly efficient transport of returnable bottles in multipacks. Small load carriers such as MultiCrates can be easily loaded with multipacks of four, six, eight or ten bottles.


The demand for multipacks for beer and beer blends shows a clear increase over the last few years. The reason for this trend is an increasing number of small households together with a growing diversity of varieties. However, normal crates do not allow a loading with diverse multipacks. The concept of the MultiCrate as well as the multipack-trays therefore takes into account recent consumer habits and sets the necessary impulses for a competitive reusable system. Moreover, the LOGIPACK-trays enable an attractive special placement of single reusable bottles as well as multipacks and ensure an optimized empties management with little space requirements.

Unlike other carriers for beverages, the LOGIPACK-carriers are neutral in design and not individualized. If many breweries use the same crates, return transports of individual and branded crates to the original filling locations become unnecessary. This reduces transport distances and thus saves fuel. The more breweries use a neutral crate, the greater the environmental benefits. The LOGIPACK-MultiCrate is now being used for the transport of more than 350 brands of beer, beer blends as well as soft drinks in around 40,000 outlets.


Copyright: © Heidi Scherm

Thomas Fischer
Leiter Kreislaufwirtschaft
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Copyright: © Heidi Scherm

Philipp Sommer
Stellvertretender Leiter Kreislaufwirtschaft
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