EUKI SURF EU-wide policy conference - Fostering sustainable building renovation in Europe!

The building sector is a key lever for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union (EU), as it is responsible for 36% of the EU’s energy-related CO2 emissions. The EU is aiming for a climate-neutral building stock by 2050, this, however, can only be achieved through intensified building renovation. As autumn 2024 marks the beginning of a newly constituted European Commission, this is the right time to discuss the path to a climate-neutral building stock.

Unfortunately, renovation rates in many Member States are still lagging behind the average annual renovation rate of 3 % required by the European Commission. It is therefore important to elaborate on which further regulatory changes are needed to enable municipalities to renovate their building stock. Which practices can drive the bottom-up transformation in Europe? We will address these and further relevant questions at our policy conference on sustainable building renovation, organized as part of the project SUstainable Building Renovation – Forming the Future (SURF).

The hybrid conference will take place in Berlin and aims to facilitate knowledge transfer, exchange of best practices and development of transnational networks. Practitioners and experts from municipalities, academia and industry will share best practices, innovative approaches and tools relevant for the successful and accelerated implementation of building renovation projects in European municipalities.

The venue of the conference, the Impact Hub Berlin, is itself a best practice example of sustainable renovation and circularity. The Impact Hub is located in the CRCLR house, which is constructed based on the principles of the circular economy by using reused or reusable materials. Following the conference, there will be a possibility to participate in a guided tour and to learn more about how circularity was implemented in the construction of the Impact Hub. Please note that there is only a limited number of seats available for in-person participation in the conference. Therefore, make sure to register in time!
Registration is possible until November 1st.

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        EUKI SURF EU-wide policy conference

        Date: 19 November 2024
        12:00-18:00 CET
        Impact Hub Berlin,
        Rollbergstraße 28A,
        12053 Berlin,
        CRLR House


        Jurga Tallat-Kelpšaite
        Advisor Energy & Climate Protection
        E-Mail: Mail schreiben

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