Where is the ambient air polluted by diesel exhaust gases?


High concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the ambient air is a concrete threat to human health. A major source is road traffic – diesel engines and namely diesel passenger cars. With the support of many citizens, we were able to determine the NO2 concentration of the ambient air at 1,400 locations throughout Germany. The results demonstrate that even beyond the official measuring stations the air is often strongly polluted.

Our experience shows that it is useful to supplement official data with your own measurements and to promote more action with authorities and decision-makers using this information. For that reason, we are now working together with NGOs across Europe. Together we are generating more information about air quality in the respective environment and, therefore, work to achieve better air quality throughout Europe.


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Hanna Rhein
Project Manager Transport and Air Quality
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The map below displays the NO2 Hot Spots that we found